Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Some Inspiration

I keep a big folder full of bonnet pictures, pictures of both Lolita bonnets and historical bonnets. I would just like to share some pictures of vintage fashion plates featuring bonnets with you now.

Even though I don't make historically accurate bonnets, or have much interest in making a bonnet that is historically accurate, I still love seeing how they were worn, and especially how they were decorated! I love the use of feathers and ruffles, and I like to use those two features in my own bonnets.

I have been working on a few commissioned bonnets for a while now, and haven't had much time to work on bonnets for the sheer joy of sewing bonnets! And because of that, I realized I only have one left in my shop! I would have had two left, but I decided I wanted to keep the burgundy one. I have since begun to sew up a few more buckram frames and begun the very first steps in making an all black full bonnet. I plan on making it into a very Gothic bonnet, using lace with crosses on it and black roses, but who knows, I might change plans half way through it.

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