Wednesday, June 23, 2010

New Corsages & A Sale on Birdcage Necklaces

There are two new items up in the shop, both fancy hair corsages. I made these over the past week or so and am just getting to putting them up now. It's really the picture taking that makes me put off putting things in the shop! I'm just not that great at taking pictures of accessories and things, I can never make a dynamic display. I really thing I should work on that.

First up is a burlesque hair corsage with a large red ostrich feather in it. This corsage is on a comb, instead of a barrette like my other corsages. I am, personally, not a fan of the comb, my hair just can not keep them in, but I know some people like them, and something like this seems better suited for a comb, because it really looks best in a updo.

Also up is a corsage that borders on headdress. Inspired by a black BtSSB headdress that I own, only made with a more classical style in mind. This one was actually really close to going on a ribbon, to tie around your head, like the BtSSB headdress that inspired it, until I realized that I have never worn the BtSSB one because of that. On a ribbon it just doesn't stay where you put it, so like my other corsages, this one is on a barrette base, so that it will stay where you put it.

I've also put all my birdcage necklaces on sale. There are 4 of them in the shop that were 19.00, marked down to 15.00. Why the price change? Well, to sell them XD But seriously, I've been trying to find the right price for birdcage necklaces for a while now. They go for an all-over amount of prices on Etsy, I've seen a lot of people try to sell similar pieces for 40+ dollars.

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