Bonnet Gallery

I plan on using this space as a gallery for all my past bonnets. Bonnets that I made for myself, commissioned by others, or made for sale on my Etsy.

 Sweet Garden half bonnet
A half bonnet made entirely in pink with pink and purple tinted roses and small bunches of lavender.

 White With a Touch of Pink Half Bonnet
A commissioned half bonnet with mainly white corsages with a small amount of little pink roses in the corsages on the side.

 Swan Lake Half Bonnet
A commissioned half bonnet with a short crown, just reaching above the ears. This bonnet is designed to match Metamorphose's Swan Lake print in bordeaux. Because it was meant to match a very colorful print, this bonnet has quite a few colors in it itself! Pink chiffon, deep burgundy cotton, a brighter burgundy trim, yellow roses, and even a number of small white birds decorate this bonnet! It's very over the top without being too pastel.

Sapphire Full Bonnet
This is a relatively simple full bonnet lined in a blue textured faux silk and edged with black trim.

Rose Half Bonnet
Called rose simply because of the color, the flowers on the side are actually mainly peonies! This is a shorter bonnet than I normally make, the crown just reaching the top of the ears.

Deco Sweet Half Bonnet
This bonnet is made with iridescent pink fabric and has an overabundance of bows and roses. I was very much inspired by the Fairy-kei fashion and the Lolita brand Angelic Pretty. This particular bonnet was an experiment in brim size. I wanted a half bonnet, so that you could wear a very over-the-top wig, but I wanted the brim extra long, so it looks like a full bonnet from the front.

Straw Bonnet
This bonnet is made out of a straw hat. I really loved the look of straw bonnets, but I don't know if I could manage working with straw braid, so I tried the straw hat base method of making bonnets and left off all the extra coverings. This bonnet is in my own personal collection.

Jet and Sapphire Full Bonnet
This bonnet is very decadent and gothic, lots of lace, lots of roses, and a whole lot of brim. I originally planned for black roses, but I was out of luck finding them, so instead I opted for a Moitie inspired black and blue.

Blue Half Bonnet
This bonnet was commissioned by Miss Lumpy to match a dress in the same soft almost sea foam blue silk. It is a half bonnet with an extra short crown, so it does not cover the ears. Photo by Miss Lumpy.

Sleeping Beauty Full Bonnet
This bonnet was commissioned by Cherie to match AatP's Sleeping Beauty print. Done in soft ivory with a lot of lace and ivory roses with a few small dark red roses thrown into the corsages to match the colors on the print.

Garnet Full Bonnet
This was the first full bonnet I made, the one where I finally figured out the pattern. This was actually made with what I had on hand at the moment, which just so happened to be burgundy cotton and ivory accents. I was originally going to sell this, but I recently took it down from my shop and put it in my own bonnet collection because I really like it, and it matches a few red Classic Lolita pieces that have come into my wardrobe.
Onyx Half Bonnet
This black and soft ivory bonnet was inspired by the classic black and white Lolita combo. This is one of the first bonnets I made!