Sunday, May 30, 2010

A Bonnet Review

I recently shipped out a commission for Miss Lumpy, a fellow Lolita blogger, to match a beautiful dress she commissioned.

 Photo by Miss Lumpy, bonnet by me!
Here is a review she did of the bonnet I made, as well as more pictures of the bonnet. I am so happy that she likes it! The bonnet is made with gorgeous silk in a unique aqua blue color. This was the first time I had worked with silk and I was at first really nervous about it but quickly got the hang of it and really enjoyed working with it. It gathers beautifully.

This bonnet is much shorter than the bonnets I usually make, the crown is meant to just reach across the head to the ears. This bonnet is also a bit simpler than other bonnets I have made and that works really well with the dress that it was meant to match.

I actually have a large amount of silk left over in this color and am looking into dying it to make a couple more bonnets with it. I'll definitely be dying a large amount of it black, because you can never have too many black bonnets, but I am also interested in what other colors of dye would do to the blue color.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Ivory Sleeping Beauty Bonnet Photos

This is a bonnet that Cherie commissioned from me to match Baby, The Stars Shine Bright's Sleeping Beauty print in Ivory. It is a full sized bonnet with a rather large brim, a whole lot of roses, and it features a wide ribbon tie.
A view of the front. For all it's classic design, this is a bit of an over-the-top bonnet. It is rather wide brimmed and the large bow just makes it stand out even more!

BtSSB's Sleeping Beauty print, the dress that matches the bonnet. I was really worried about matching the ivory, the dress that it was meant to match seems quite a bit lighter in real life than it does in the stock photos, so I should be okay!

A close up of the details on the brim, the chiffon runching, the lace, and one of the many rose corsages on the bonnet. All the corsages are held on with a brooch back, so you can remove them as you see fit. The sides of the bonnet scoop down a bit, making it look longer than it is so you can bend it so that it flares out around your head like a halo, or so that it cradles the sides of your face in a very demure way. Very subtle things like that can really change the way you wear your bonnet.

The sides of the bonnets. Each side features a large rose corsage and a floppy chiffon bow. For the rose corsages, one is significantly larger and more elaborate than the other. While the bonnet is mostly ivory, there are sprays of dark red roses mixed in with the corsages, to mimic the scattering of red roses throughout the print. If I could have found faux thorn vines I would have added them to the corsage in a heartbeat! Since the print on the dress features a briar patch of roses.

A view of the back! I was inspired by the bonnets at Triple Fortune, a Japanese shop, to do a bit of chiffon runching on the back. It is a very good way to add some interest to the back of the bonnet! A very busy bonnet, like this one with the large roses and extra lace, really does need something on the back to balance it out a bit.

I just finished this bonnet a couple days ago, so Cherie has yet to receive it, but I am really excited to see how this looks coordinated with the dress. Or coordinated with anything else for that matter! As an ivory bonnet is rather versatile, at least for a Lolita it is.

Welcome to Ophanim

Hello and welcome to my new side project blog, Ophanim. This blog is for my Etsy shop by the same name. Ophanim specializes in decadent Gothic and Lolita accessories and hand crafted bonnets, with the occasional kawaii or deco accessory thrown in for good measure. I'll be using this blog for shop updates, craft progress, inspiration, and just whatever strikes my fancy.

If you've ever bought something I've created I would love to see pictures of it being worn. I will even feature your pictures on my blog in a customer gallery!

In addition to crafting accessories and bonnets, I also run the Lolita blog, F Yeah Lolita, which is a frequently updated blog filled with my musings and more about the Lolita fashion and lifestyle.

What does Ophanim mean?
Ophanim is a class of angel or celestial being that is described as being flaming wheels covered in hundreds of eyes.

But why Ophanim for an accessory shop? Simply because I really like them. They are strange and beautiful, something I strive for when I create.