Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Lolita Accessory Giveaway

My Lolita blog just had it's first birthday and to celebrate I'm having a pretty big giveaway. So head over to F Yeah Lolita for your chance to win some stuff, as well as a coupon code for 10% off my shop. I can't believe my little baby is growing up so fast! Soon it's going to be smoking and swearing and partying all night!

Monday, July 5, 2010

A Pair of Black & White Bonnets

I recently finished 2 matching bonnets, one in black, and one in white, for a Lolita and her friend who plan on doing black and white twin outfits. I had been holding off on showcasing them because she wanted to be the first to show them off.

She looks so adorable in the bonnets! Click for bigger pictures.

The 2 bonnets, before I shipped them off, and before the corsage on the white bonnet had a chance to fall off! I sent these out in the middle of a heat wave so I think the glue softened up a bit and the general jostling of shipping knocked it off. Luckily, it was a quick fix!

The design for both of the bonnets and the corsages are nearly identical, the only difference being it was impossible for me to find matching lace in black and white. The details on the corsages are flipped and placed in opposite positions on each bonnet, so when they stand next to each other, in their matching outfits, they're bonnets at least, are mirror images of each other.

The design is meant to be a bit of a mash up of Baby's bonnets and the classic Triple Fortune design.

Click here for a review of the bonnets!

I've been a bit quiet on this blog for a few weeks! I have a couple bonnets in the works as well as general craft projects, but mostly I've just been a bit lazy about posting pictures of what I have been working on!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Jet & Sapphire Seraphim Bonnet and Miscellaneous Goods

I've got some new items in the shop after I realized I had one bonnet left! I am slowly trying to build up more ready made bonnets and miscellaneous items. I am aiming for a rather high goal of having 5 pre-made bonnets in stock. I've gotten a lot quicker at bonnet making now, so this isn't too high of a goal, it's just a matter of me not being lazy about it!

First up is a new bonnet, Jet & Sapphire, because I like giving my bonnets jewel-themed names. I really wanted to make an epically Gothic bonnet. The frame I had sitting around for some time, just waiting for something to be made out of it, I finally decided to give it a go since I had a ton of left-over black lace. Ideally, I would have used black roses, but I still haven't found a place that sells high quality black roses. This bonnet features both a ruffle of lace around the head, an ostrich feather, and 3 extra large rose corsages, something that non of my ready made bonnets have had. I really love the extra corsage on the underside of the brim, it really makes it even more decadent. Of course, you can always take the roses off and have a plain black bonnet, as they are all on pin bases.

I've also updated the shop with an Alice in Wonderland themed necklace. I do make a lot of jewelery and I just haven't really gotten around to making any specifically for the shop. This necklace features a portrait of Alice, has antique brass toned chain and findings, and red glass beads. It's a fancy necklace, and the portrait is rather large, but the simple details mean it can be worn when dressed-up, or dressed-down.

I've also added two pairs of hair pins. Both featuring little bouquets of flowers on a lacy base. One being a bit more sweet, the other being a bit darker. I like these because they let me wear flowers in my hair without having to wear a very large hair corsage or comb.

Finally, we have something that is a bit Mori or Dolly inspired, or at least, to me, I imagine this working well with either of those styles. It's a large rose hair comb on a lace bow. I just love these faux roses, they look just like real dried roses. I can imagine this tucked into the base of a wavy pony tail, or holding back two small braids.

Notice something about the back!? I now have little tags with my shop name on them. I'm even more excited about finishing things now that I can put a little tag on them when I'm done! I have the tags in a few different colors, including blue, gray, and a dusty red, so I can coordinate them with whatever it is they are going on. I made these tags myself, with inkjet fabric, it was a pain cutting out the first sheet because I didn't think my paper cutter could handle it so I had to do it with scissors. I held my breath before each cut to make sure I didn't wobble at all! The second sheet, I tried it with my paper cutter and found that it works just fine if I press down extra hard, I'm afraid I ruined my blade though. Oh well, I needed a new blade anyways.