Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Ophanim Has A Facebook!

I was recently asked why I didn't have a fan page for Ophanim :O I realized that the answer to this is a) I didn't know if anyone would be interested, and b) I'm sort of Facebooktarded, I can never figure out how to do anything on it XD But, I finally figured it out and got a fan page for Ophanim.

Click here to check out Ophanim's Facebook fan page!

I plan on using it for shop updates, progress shots, and occasional sales that only Facebook fans will know about. As well as a general way to get in contact with me!

In shop news I have a few bonnets and mini-tricorns in the works. My faux flower supplies have been very lacking lately and I just haven't had the time to replenish them, so I haven't had the chance to actually completely finish any of these bonnets! I'm also looking to expand to soft brimmed bonnets, sort of like the kinds Lolita brands sell. I am planning on making a number of these so that anyone interested in getting one of my bonnets, but the price is a bit out of their budget, can get something in the style that I make.

I plan to heavily decorate them with flowers and lace and bows just like I do with my bonnets, just a little bit less to keep the cost down. I'm a sewing novice but I discovered that I can make these rather well when I am patient about it. I think I just love bonnets that much XD

Sadly, as I was finishing up my second soft bonnet, my sewing machine decided to break on it. It's just a little break! The presser foot lever is now broken so I have to pull the presser foot up on it's own. Which is doable, it's just very very obnoxious. No worries though, I have a back up sewing machine that I can get my hands on. So expect some news about that sometime in the next few weeks!