Monday, June 7, 2010

Miss Lumpy's Giveaway and a 10% Off Discount

A week or so ago Miss Lumpy contacted me to let me know she was planning on doing a giveaway and asked if I was willing to give a discount for my Etsy shop to the winner. I figured I could do better than that, and so instead decided to host a 10% off sale in honor of her giveaway, as well as give one lucky person the chance to get a $15 off gift certificate through my shop.

So, please, check out Miss Lumpy's giveaway post for more details on how to get the 10% off your purchase and how to enter her contest. The 10% sale includes anything in my Etsy shop, excluding commissions, and will last until July 1st.

That being said, my shop is in dire need of an update! I have a bunch of stuff I need to get around to taking pictures of and posting on Etsy. Including a ton of sweet and deco accessories left over from convention vending.

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