Wednesday, September 15, 2010

What I Bought At The Antique Market

I returned from this weekend's antique market with a whole lot of great stuff. For really cheap too! Nothing cost more than $18 dollars, most of it I picked up for a dollar or two. Of course, most of this stuff is worth about a dollar XD But I needed some nik-naks of questionable taste to scatter about.

The only one of these that both cost more than a dollar and is actually worth more than a dollar is the 1960's nun vase. As I said in the previous post, I had always seen these head vases around but never really gave them much thought until I picked up this particular one. I think I'm hooked now! She definitely needs some equally fabulous friends.

Check out the fake eyelashes on this nun! And her complete lack of eyebrows for some reason. This nun vase was in a booth full of head shaped vases from the 50's and 60's and as I was walking past it this one particular one struck my eye as being extra fabulous. I really can't resist myself when I come across a piece of kitsch like this. While googling a bit to find some more info about this piece I came across this page dedicated to Catholic themed vases like this. I think I know what I'm going to be collecting next!

As well as tacky ceramic ware I picked up a few vintage gloves, check out the fishnet ones, a vintage velvet hat, and a miniature Polish bible with some great illustrations.

The final thing I have pictures of is this. It's a stereoscope, which is like a Victorian 3D picture viewer. It's missing the piece that held the cards on (from some googling I am thinking something slid over the long part sticking out in front, instead of having a fixed bar across it like most do) and I don't actually have any cards to view on it because I have never picked them up when I found them since I didn't have anything to view them on, but I can easily find some later. I've been looking for one of these for so long, and when I do come across them they are usually $50-$70. This one, on the other hand, only cost me $15. Which is awesooome. I can't wait to experience turn of the century 3D technology with this baby.

The only thing not pictured that I picked up, sadly, is a little tiny vintage siamese kitten figurine. When I say tiny I mean tiny, it was about an inch big and so cute and chubby. Sadly, I managed to loose it! I had it in the car and cannot remember where I put it after I was admiring it's cuteness. I really hope it didn't end up in in one of the bags with balled up newspaper and then got thrown away. It would be such a shame if it got lost, it really was cute! I'm hoping it turns up somewhere soon!

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