Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Supply Spotlight: Brick House Fabrics

I'm always on the look out for amazing fabrics that I can hoard away until that illustrious day in the future when I'm good enough at using a sewing machine that I can sew my own clothes (Fun fact! Bonnets pretty much can only be hand sewn! With the exception of a few details I sew all of my bonnets by hand) So I was very pleased to stumbled across Brick House Fabrics on Etsy. While the prices are a bit high, around $20 a yard, and you're probably going to need about 3 yards if you plan on making a dress or a JSK in the Lolita style, making the material costs a lot higher than normal, the fabric choices are all wonderful and the shop is filled with prints I have never seen before! These are certainly all fabrics that would make even the simplest design something truly unique and elegant. The best part about these fabrics is that nearly all of them are large, ornate designs, not all over tiny calico prints like so many interesting themes seem to come in.

This is a fabric so unique I don't think I've ever seen anything like it! It's such a Victorian idea as well, exotic wild life combined with beautiful familiar roses.

Here's something that's a little bit Dolly Kei, the tassels on this print make it perfect for something that could work with both Dolly and Lolita.

This beautiful seashell print is like the Classic Lolita's answer to all of those mermaid theme prints that have popped up in Sweet Lolita over the years.

This print is just lovely because it's a unique take on an old familiar print. The big, delicately detailed pottery makes a lovely, but a bit boring, background print really unique.

If there is one thing I am a sucker for, that is wide vertical stripes. This print features lovely muted colors and a medieval styled print of deer and elephants.

Quite possibly my favorite fabric on in the shop! This is just gorgeous in a very over the top and opulent way. It is also a bit reminiscent of a cherub print I mentioned that I would love to see in this post on F Yeah Lolita.

Adorable animals are often a staple of Sweet Lolita prints, but put them on something like this and you have something instantly Classic and elegant.

There are a ton more beautiful and unique fabrics on the shop page, 4 pages worth! I've definitely got my eye on a number of these for when it comes time to commission my next dress. I seriously am in love with big, bold, Victorian-esque prints like these!


  1. I was _just_, yesterday (while I was actually having an intense attack of insomnia) looking for a blue pottery fabric!


  2. These are such amazing fabrics! I totally favorited that shop over on etsy, and even though the fabrics are pricey they seem very well worth it, I'd be willing to invest in them!

    I especially love the floral one with the monkey! Along with the tassel print and the deer x elephant stripe!