Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Etsy Spotlight: Silent Cheesecake Designs

It's no secret, I really love Etsy. I love it for the hand crafted pretty things, for the unique vintage pieces, and most of all, I love it for the incredible craft supplies. So I'm going to be occasionally spotlighting an Etsy shop that caught my eye on one or another of my many window shopping trips through Etsy. I will mostly be focusing on hand crafted shops, but the occasional vintage or supply shop will also be featured.

The first shop to be featured is Silent Cheesecake Designs, a shop combining a few of my favorite things into unique and strange jewelry. Specimen vials, Victorian curio, and real organic materials combine to create beautiful jewelry.

Silent Cheesecake's signature pieces are glass vials filled with a variety of specimens suspended in beautifully clear wax. The specimens are all real and range from leaves to flowers to insects to bones to small sea life. The wax is beautifully clear and relatively free of bubbles or distracting debris as I have seen in some embedded object jewelry.

Another frequent theme in Silent Cheesecakes's shop is beetle wings. Beetle wings are an infrequently used jewelry material, but I find that whenever they are used the result is stunning. Real beetle wings have an incredible luster and texture that just can't be faked.

If you are looking for something a little more subtle than a mouse skull floating in clear wax, you can pick up a small pendant featuring either real butterfly wings or a mini print with pressed flowers on the back.

Something else that Silent Cheesecake carries, and something I'm always on the lookout for, is beautifully detailed bird cage necklaces. She uses small rusty birdcages and decorates them with unique beads and animal vertebrate. The end result is stunning and unique and almost like a contained curio cabinet you can carry with you!

Silent Cheesecake carries a wide assortment of pieces, and has a rather full shop of around 6 pages. The prices are very reasonable for such unique pieces and range from very affordable $10 earrings to more expensive and much larger pendants. If you admire the look, but are a bit squeamish about wearing real specimens around your neck there are a variety of pieces with the same aesthetic that use no organic materials or only pressed flowers, so you can still wear an equally beautiful piece without having to go all out and wear something you might not feel comfortable wearing around your neck. Personally, I love the organic pieces and have my eye set on one of her vial necklaces with real octopus tentacles in it!

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