Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Swan Lake Inspired Bonnet

I recently finished a half bonnet based on Metamorphose's Swan Lake print in bordeaux. If you're unfamiliar with what this gorgeous print looks like, here it is:

This print, in this particular colorway has been a dream print of mine so it was really fun to get to create something based on it. It has a lot of colors and a whole lot of roses, and even a few feathered birds!

Can you spot all the birds? There are 3 of them, one on each rose corsage. This particular bonnet is a much shorter design than most of my bonnets, the crown just reaches the top of the ears, making all the over-the-top decoration look even more cute and over the top!


  1. I totally know this is an old post, but wouldn't this match with Twinkle Journey in the same colorway? :D

  2. I really want one to match with my Swan Lake dress ;___;