Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Long Time, No Post!

Well, it's been a while! I get so caught up with my other blog and doing the actual crafting that I always forget about this one. Well, no more! For now at least :3

I recently came across the Etsy shop Totus Mel Tats, a shop dedicated to beautifully tatted accessories.

Here's one of my favorite pieces. Chokers like this are so perfect!

Tatting is a very vintage styled craft, it's when you make lots of little knots to make pretty lace work. Ladies used to do it to the edges of their hankies (and pretty much everything else!). Most tatting shops I come across are filled with very cute and charming things, so I was very excited to see a shop selling gothically inclined tatted pieces!

I'm really hoping to update this blog a bit more! So maybe I'll be doing daily Etsy finds, or pretty inspiration. Or at least, near daily and not once ever couple of months like I have been doing!


  1. Tatting! I learned to needle tat in high school. I never really got the hang of shuttle tatting, though, which is usually required for more advanced designs (or at least it makes them a LOT easier!)

  2. @MageWeave That's so cool though! Did you tat anything cool?

  3. @Caro-chan I mostly made simple chokers, using patterns that were meant for bookmarks or doily/handkerchief edging. Here's one I still have up on pupe!