Sunday, December 12, 2010

Gothic Hats: Scissorfiend

One of my favorite hat shops is Scissorfiend's Etsy. She has a gorgeous collection of hats with gothic details such as stripes, feathers, and even cast resin skulls. Some of my favorite hats are her mini tricorns, but I'm a complete sucker for tricorns!

If you like the idea of a realistic faux skull perched on your head, but can't afford to drop the cash on one of her exquisitely made hats, she also sells hair bows made with small resin bird skulls.

Scissorfiend also has a website, which features a few more of her hats as well as her corset and costume work.


  1. Ah! You are such a sweetheart <3

    -Kimmi of Scissorfiend

  2. This hat is awesome! I wish I could wear things like that... My metal soul is just asking for thigs like this but I'm too shy.... -__-'

  3. Very cute. It's like a tiny pirate hat ^^