Sunday, October 2, 2011

Magnifying Cabochons & Eyeball Jewelery

I finally managed to dig up all the pieces to my printer a few days ago, so to celebrate I decided to make some magnifying cabochons that I had been wanting to make for quite a while now. Before I started pouring my own resin pieces I enjoyed making pieces with magnifying cabochons and it was nice again to be able to make something pretty that didn't involve all that resin entails. With October just beginning, and Halloween around the corner, I am sort of on a bit of a morbid kick.

Some skeleton necklaces. An anatomical ribcage, and a 16th century engraving.

An engraving of Beelzebub and an anatomical ribcage.

Some small cabochons with a big fancy "O" and my shop name. Don't quite know what I'll actually do with these!

A choker with Boucher's The Toilette of Venus
I've also been seeing a lot of different kinds of cute bows with eyeballs in the middle, both in mainstream shops in preparation for Halloween, and in the Jfashion world. I actually have a little zip-up bag filled with doll eyes, because I am a collector of BJDs and I like to have some eyeball options, so I looted that for some acrylics. I only have very few acrylic eyeballs, as when it comes to BJD eyes I'm a fan of silicone, and I am not going to to be using my nice silicone eyeballs for craft projects, but I did manage to dig up a ton of not-quite-eyeballs that I was willing to sacrifice.

Cute and sparkly bows and a necklace.

I hope to have these things up, as well as a ton of other things I've made recently, including coffin shaped things and some jewelry featuring the infamous skeleton lady cameo, up in my Etsy shop in the next couple of days! Wish me luck in taking about a billion photos!

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  1. Those magnifying cabachons are really nice in the dimension they add. Tho' I"m not much into skeletons, you have some lovely pieces here.

    Coleen in Ukraine