Monday, October 3, 2011

Etsy Love: Parish Relics

One day while hunting down some stained glass pieces for a different blog post I was writing, I stumbled across Parish Relics and was very pleased with what they had to offer: gorgeous medieval inspired jewelery pieces made with real stained glass and gorgeously textured and finished polymer clay! While maintaining an air of rough and almost primitive antiques, the pieces are also meticulously constructed and perfectly finished. I actually thought these were made with real metal at first!

I've been thinking about these pieces ever since I saw them! I think pieces like this could easily be worked into any outfit to add a little bit of romance!


  1. I am not religious, and so I tend to stay away from religious jewellery, but this stuff is gorgeous! :)

  2. Those are amazing! I fell for picture one!! i just love the look of it..

  3. That was a real find. They are beautiful. Makes me want to learn how to use polymer clay. I'm from s-b, share your crafty blog. I"m following here and hope you'll ocme check out mine and follow too.

    an American in Ukraine

  4. I really like your blog and nice things you make. I like your other blog too.
    Lilla Indigo (swap-bot)

  5. oooh, thank you for sharing this! lovely!

    BTW you have a nice blog. :)