Friday, May 28, 2010

Welcome to Ophanim

Hello and welcome to my new side project blog, Ophanim. This blog is for my Etsy shop by the same name. Ophanim specializes in decadent Gothic and Lolita accessories and hand crafted bonnets, with the occasional kawaii or deco accessory thrown in for good measure. I'll be using this blog for shop updates, craft progress, inspiration, and just whatever strikes my fancy.

If you've ever bought something I've created I would love to see pictures of it being worn. I will even feature your pictures on my blog in a customer gallery!

In addition to crafting accessories and bonnets, I also run the Lolita blog, F Yeah Lolita, which is a frequently updated blog filled with my musings and more about the Lolita fashion and lifestyle.

What does Ophanim mean?
Ophanim is a class of angel or celestial being that is described as being flaming wheels covered in hundreds of eyes.

But why Ophanim for an accessory shop? Simply because I really like them. They are strange and beautiful, something I strive for when I create.

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