Tuesday, September 27, 2011

New Resin Molds and a Glitter Extravaganza

Whenever I get a new resin mold I tend to "test it out" by making a batch of glitter filled pieces. Which, generally, is a pretty bad idea because that means the next time I want to use them I have to carefully make sure I get every single piece of glitter off, which I never can manage. But this time around, I bought a set of molds specifically for filling with rainbow glitter. An alphabet mold!

Fresh out of the mold, and full of extra bits that need to be carefully removed!

A while ago online I stumbled across an alphabet mold, and by the time I realized oh God, I need that, it was all sold out, so I had to hunt down another place selling the same one, which turned into a much bigger task than I imagined, as nearly everywhere only sold a significantly larger and fancier alphabet mold, while I wanted the small, simple letters. After several days of searching and actually emailing and messaging some sellers who had previously sold the set, I found a shop that was just so happening to make an order of molds and was going to add on the alphabet set for me. Awesome.

The letters came out pretty great, but were sort of a pain to fill. I had to carefully "paint" the resin in with a pour stick, and even a single drip out of the mold created a big pointy mess just waiting for me to have to file down later. Oh well, hopefully it's worth it!

What do I plan on doing with this ridiculously glittery letters? Inspired more by the fairy kei side of things, and this awesome little Hello Kitty cell phone strap that I am saving for just the right moment, I want to make some purse/phone straps with words on them. Hopefully it works out, hopefully the little letters are strong enough, and hopefully I can find my awesome little hand drill, because I have been doodling the different things I want to make with these resin pieces in my notebook for a few weeks now!

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