Monday, August 16, 2010

Special Photo Shoot

I've updated my shop with a number of things, most of which are completely new things that I hope to make a regular item in my shop!

First up is the Sweet Garden half bonnet. This is a simple, all pink, half bonnet decorated in a very OTT Sweet Lolita manner with lots of extra roses and a scattering of pink chiffon bows.

The first of my shop's new items are mini tricorn hats. I've been wanting to get into making mini tricorns ever since I learned the art of millinery, and I made this photo shoot as an excuse to finally get myself in gear and make some. I found it a really fun experience! I'm still trying to get the technique down, but so far, so good! I've made two for sale, a gothic black mini tricorn, and a sweet blue and white one.

I also am starting to stock cake slice hats. I really love making things out of felt, and I love the silly over-the-topness of the cake hat, so I couldn't resist making my own version of the Lolita classic. The first cake slice in stock (that sold out within an hour of posting!) is a super sweet pink and blue slice.

Another new thing for Ophaim is jewelery with a sweeter style. I really enjoy making cute and pastel jewelery, my favorite to make at the moment are little polymer clay teddy bear themed pieces.

To keep with the theme of a few new, sweeter, pieces being added to Ophanim, I've also included some small deco'd tins. I've discovered decoing to be a really fun hobby. I don't know which style I like more, the cabochon and rhinestone kind, or the whipped cream and sweets kid!

I recently got together with some lovely Lolita designers and models, check out my Lolita blog for pictures from that awesome event!

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